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What I need to know about college?
ACT test dates

Scholarships will be based on ACT scores for seniors only until the December 8th testing date.  All students should take the ACT at least three times!

Financial Aid
Financial Aid


Financial Aid

When it comes to college, the big question is always, "How are we going to pay for it". The good news is that there are lots of resources out there to help. The websites below explain the difference between a subsidized loan and an unsubsidized loan, grants, and scholarships. But, the only way to qualify for any of the financial assistance is by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You may begin the process in January of your child's senior year, but NOT earlier. If you have any questions or need help with the forms, please do not hesitate to contact your school guidance counselor or the Graduation Interventionist. Watch the local newspaper and community bulletin boards for dates and times of financial aid workshops offered at each high school.

This is the direct link to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Anyone wishing to access the TN Lottery Scholarship or apply for any other form of financial aid must complete this form. Please remember to obtain a Personal Identification Number for the parent and the student.  FAFSA is based on the past year's taxes, therfore, do not complete the FAFSA until January of the year you plan to attend college.

This is the website to apply for the Personal Identification Number needed for students and parents when completing the FAFSA

Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) has information about the Tennessee Lottery, financial aid, grants, loans and scholarships

This website offers information about scholarships, financial aid, military aid, answers questions about financing college and has a financial aid calculator.

Everything you need to know about financing a post-secondary education in Tennessee can be found on this website.

This site, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, has a searchable data base containing more than 5,000 scholarships, fellowships, loans, and other financial aid opportunities

Got a question about what financial aid you should be looking for? Check out Student Loan Funding's Ask A Counselor feature.

The Federal Student Aid site is a government-run site that has detailed college-planning timelines, access to the online version of the FAFSA and all kinds of tips for borrowing money (and paying it back). There are links for students and parents.

Learn the difference between grants, loans and scholarships at All Student Loan Group's Web site where you can also calculate how much money you'll need for college.

Educational Funding Services Inc. provides a good glossary of financial aid terms on its Website.

Peterson's Guide for financial aid

The Sallie Mae Foundation has a scholarship database that contains more than 2.8 million scholarships worth over 16 billion dollars plus information about financial aid

The federal government now has a website designed specifically for information pertaining to benefits and assistance programs. Under "benefits quick search" click on the "loan/loan repayment" tab and it will give you information about all of the federally funded loans available to parents and students.

Engineering Scholarships
Engineering Scholarships

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