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Algebra II Syllabus 2016-2017  

Algebra II

Instructor: Jennifer Hudson


Class Rules:

1.       Be in seat before tardy bell rings.

2.       Bring all materials to class. ALL work should be done in pencil.

3.       Keep room clean and neat at all times.

4.       No talking while I am talking.  We respect each other at all times.


Class Policies and Procedures:


Regular attendance is required as it is an indication of responsibility.  You are expected to be on time and attend each class.  You cannot learn if you are not in class.



Attendance - This is 5 points of your grade.  You lose one point per day

Participation - This is 10 points of your grade.  This includes any homework or quiz work. Homework assignments are given daily.  Be prepared for homework checks. You will use an assignment sheet to document assignments and grades.

Test - This is 50 points of your grade.  There will be a test at the end of each chapter.

Quiz - This is 15 points of your grade.  There will be some quizzes announced and some will be given without notice.

Projects - This will be 20 points of your grade.  This will include papers, articles, projects etc.

Anyone caught cheating will receive a zero for the assignment.


Grading Scale:  A          93-100

                                    B          85-92

                                    C          75-84

                                    D         70-74

                                    F          69 or below

Late Work:

Assignments must be submitted at the beginning of the class on the date the assignment is due.  If you miss a class you have 3 days to have the missing work completed and turned in.  There is a binder for you to check for missing work, it is your responsibility to check it and complete all assignments.



Required Materials

          Large three-ring binder (3- or 4- inch) to organize notes, handouts, and work.

          Loose leaf paper


          Divider Tabs

          4 - AAA Batteries

          Box of Kleenex

          One pack of expo markers

          Index Cards

          Copy Paper


Tentative Class Schedule:

          Trimester 1:

          Solving Equations and Inequalities

          Linear Relations and Functions

          Systems of Equations and Inequalities


          Quadratic Functions and Inequalities

          Trimester 2:

          Polynomial Functions

          Conic Sections

          Rational Expressions and Equations

          Exponential and Logarithmic Relations

          Trimester 3:

          Sequences and Series

          Probability and Statistics

          Trigonometric Functions

          Trigonometric Graphs and Identities


Dear Parents,

Please help me provide the best education possible for you child by monitoring progress at home.  You may contact me via email if you notice any potential problems. Each student in my classroom is assigned a TI-84 calculator to use while at school.  If they are damaged or lost due to negligence, you will be responsible for its repair or replacement. I look forward to a wonderful year with great leaps of knowledge!


Jennifer Hudson

I understand the attached packet of grades, goals, and equipment usage in this class.

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