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Chemistry Syllabus

2016 & 2017

Mr. Johnny Cantrell

Contact Information: Phone: 658-5141

Room Number: C-12


Important Website:


Course Description:

This course will introduce traditional concepts of chemistry. Chemistry is the study of atoms, how they arrange themselves into compounds, and the changes they undergo. The course will include a review of measurement and the metric system, study of atomic structure, investigation of the periodic table and its meaning, study of various types of chemical bonding, and investigation into different chemical compounds and why they behave as they do. Conceptual and mathematical understanding of chemistry will be stressed. Problem-solving skills, test-taking skills, hands on activities, time-on- task, problem based learning, critical thinking situations, and activity and lab based learning will be the incorporated throughout the course.


Projects that are done during the school year.

Trimester #1 - Unit 1

Culminating Task: Element Project, Electron Distribution Drawings, Simple Lewis Dot Drawings, Required: Final Exam 12 weeks 

Trimester #2 - Unit 2 

Culminating Task: Mineral Project, SlideShow Project, Video Project, Lewis Dot Drawings, Required: Final Exam 12 weeks

Trimester #3 - Unit 3

Culminating Task: Video Project, Yearly Reflection Paper, Article/Societal Issue, House Hold Chemial Project, Required: EOC


Evaluation / Grading scale:

100-93 A

92-85 B

84-75 C

74-70 D

69-0 F


Classwork/ Homework/Quizzes = 40% of total grade

Tests/Projects = 60% of total grade


Classroom Rules

Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Be Safe

Follow all directions

No food or drink allowed in the classroom

Basic Student Responsibilities

Have necessary materials upon arrival (no return trips to lockers).

Use the restroom before or after class during hall breaks.

Ask questions and participate in class in a respectful and polite manner.

Take ownership of your grade (do the work and put in the time necessary to succeed).

You will get the grade you EARN in this course.


Classroom Routines

Be on time.

Be in your seat with materials when the bell rings.

Get started right away.

There will be a warm-up question to complete each day for which you will receive a grade.

Work from bell to bell.

The bell does not dismiss you, I do.

Attendance is essential to a positive learning experience.

Be seated and ready to begin class before the bell rings.


Late Work/ Absences

Late Work: Points will be deducted for turning work in late. It is YOUR responsibility to find out what class assignments and activities that you missed due to an absence, and make up the work in a timely manner.


**Having read the above, I both understand and agree to abide by the requirements and guidelines for


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