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Course Syllabus

Physical Science Syllabus—2016—Mr. Brooks

Contact Information:  Phone: 658-5141             Room Number: C-8             Email: gbrooks@mctns.net

Important Website: www.masteryconnect.com

Course Description:

Welcome to Physical Science. Physical Science is the study of the nature and properties of energy and nonliving matter. In this class you will learn the fundamental scientific concepts that will enable you to be more successful in both Biology and Chemistry.  There is a large amount of mathematics in this course, and you will be using a calculator frequently. The class is divided into Physical Science A and B. In Section A, the focus will be introductory chemistry. In Section B, the focus will be basic chemistry and simple physics.

List of Supplies

·         One 5 Subject Spiral Notebook -perforated pages and pockets

·         One pack of index cards (3x5 - 100 count)

·         One pack of  highlighters

·         One pack of 12 colored pencils

·         One pack of pencils

·         One pack of Expo markers

*Any one of the following items for general class use would be greatly appreciated:

o   box of tissues, roll of paper towels, and bottle of germ-x

Evaluation / Grading scale:

100-93    A                     74-70   D                     Classwork/ Homework/Quizzes = 40% of total grade

92-85      B                      69-0     F                      Tests/Projects = 60% of total grade

84-75      C                                 

Classroom Rules

·         Be Responsible                 

·         Be Respectful                   

·         Be Safe

·         Follow all directions

·         No food or drink allowed in the classroom

Basic Student Responsibilities

·         Have necessary materials upon arrival (no return trips to lockers).

·         Use the restroom before or after class during hall breaks.

·         Ask questions and participate in class in a respectful and polite manner.

·         Take ownership of your grade (do the work and put in the time necessary to succeed).

·         You will get the grade you EARN in this course.

Classroom Routines

·         Be on time. Be in your seat with materials when the bell rings.

·         Get started right away. There will be a warm-up question to complete each day for which you will receive a grade.

·         Work from bell to bell.  The bell does not dismiss you, I do.


·         Attendance is essential to a positive learning experience.

·         Be seated and ready to begin class before the bell rings.

Late Work/ Absences

·         Late Work: Points will be deducted for turning work in late. It is YOUR responsibility to find out what class assignments and activities that you missed due to an absence, and make up the work within three school days from the date of absence.

**Having read the above, I both understand and agree to abide by the requirements and guidelines for the class.



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