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Pacing Guide A

Physical Science A- Pacing Guide

Weeks 1 & 2- Chapter 1 (Intro  to Physical Science and  basic math skills):Branches of Science, Graphs, Swing method, Scientific Method, Significant Figures

Week 3- Chapter 2 (matter): Atoms, compounds, molecules, properties of matter and changes in matter

Weeks  4 & 5- Chapter 3 (matter and energy): kinetic theory, states of matter, fluid dynamics

Weeks 6 & 7- Chapter 4 (atoms)-  4a and 4b---historical, atomic numbers, number of neutron, electrons, protons, molar mass, Avogadro’s  MOLE, basic conversions  (g to mol and mol to g), basic orbitals and energy levels, Aughbau , electron transitions.

Week 8- Chapter 5 (periodic  table):  Organizing, patterns, families, oxidation numbers, valance electrons, intro to ions.

Weeks  9 & 10- Chapter 6: (Bonds): Chemical bonding models, 4 types of bonding, naming& writing compounds (transition metals, ionic, covalent), calculating empirical formulas.

Weeks  10 & 11- Chapter 7 ( Chemical reactions): Categories of reactions- endothermic and exothermic, Types of chemical reactions, balancing chemical equations, reaction rates and equilibrium.

Week 12 Review and prep for exam



Element project