Supply List Items

    1 Pack of Printer Paper (500 Sheets Ream)
    2 Black Vis-A-Vis (Wet Erase)
    2 Packs of Index Cards (3x5 – 100 count)
    Sheet Protectors
    2 Packs of Colored Pencils
    1 3-Prong Folder (At least 1 inch or bigger)

After school, your child will their chrome books to complete assignments assigned online or in the classroom. However, your child may use their own laptop, desktop, tablet, and/or smartphone with internet access outside of school. WHS offers LEAPS, so students can have access to the computer labs. Also, there are plenty of other places your child can gain internet access: public library, neighbor's house, Whitwell Pizza Delivery, Hardee's, SueBob's Diner, McDonald's, and/or a friend's house.